Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recession or Depression?

How is the economy treating your workplace these days?

Some of the report requests and projects we've been working on make me think there will be a lot of "depression" around here in the coming year.

It will be a very interesting annual review period this January. Increases may be very easy to calculate.

edit: more signs --not looking good folks. Ive got a major system update scheduled for 4th quarter. If that gets postponed or canceled, then it is time to clean out the desk (just in case---can't stand having to come back and pack up at another time)


Clay Scroggin said...

With my website CompareHRIS.com, I am not seeing any huge impact yet with the economic downturn. February was a record month for us with a 21% increase in traffic over January, which was also a record month. We have not seen any type of reduction on the leads we distribute for our vendors either.

With the leads I have noticed a slight change in the number of employee sized companies looking for systems. Companies with fewer than 100 and more than 500 employees seem to be looking a little more online for systems right now than companies between 500 and 1,000 employees. We have also noticed an increase of companies in purchasing time line from visitors.

I wrote a blog post recently on our analysis of the industry you may find interesting.


Clay Scroggin said...

Evil HRIS guy,

Are you still keeping this blog active? I had not seen a post from you in awhile so I was concerned. If you are let me know I might be interested in having you as a guest blogger some time on
HR-Softwareblog.com. As you may or may not know we offer a extremely comprehensive HRIS, HRMS and HR software comparison website to assist HR professionals with their HR software searches. All of the tools offered on the site are free.

Shoot me an email, I'd like to chat with you sometime about your site. C.Scroggin@comparehris.com