Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a GOAL!!!!

Yep, it's that time of the year round these parts---setting your goals for the next fiscal year!
We have to set some goals and send to Sr Management for approval.

Any guidelines? nope

Any detailed dept/company goals to align too? nope.

Am I confused or should goal setting flow down from Sr management instead of the other way?

I have one goal in life: Get out of bed in the morning, the rest is incidental.

Anyway, I think Ill submit this to them

funny pictures
see more crazy cat pics

My primary philosophy for goal setting is:

Avoid anything that requires someone else to get something done in order for you to get your goal completed. If that cat has to wait for another department (or outsourced vendor) to do something first, he/she is out of luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008

You Call it Corn... I call it BOA009.csv

On an average day, we send out/update or monitor interfaces (manual or automated) that can number 10 - 50+ depending on the schedule, requests, outsourced host failures etc.

Am I intimately familiar with each one?
Actually, Yes.

Am I intimately familiar with what each user does with it?
Thankfully, No.

What you do with the provided data is your business. If you modify it, eat it, build a shrine to it, gather your co-workers and collectively mock it, more power to you.

However, (assuming it meets the specs) once it is your possession and you modify it, EHRIS guy does not warranty its fitness for use, nor will provide any support for it.

This includes referring to the file by anything other than the name that EHRIS christened it with.

So if you get a spreadsheet called Throatwarbler_Mangrove.xls and you decide to rename it Luxury_Yacht.xls, don't call me asking why your Luxury_Yacht report doesn't look right.

You can ask me about the Throatwarbler_Mangrove file that your boss Ms. Mazola received before she modified it and renamed Luxury_yacht, but asking me with self-righteous indignation about a modified file and getting bent out of shape when I ask you to identify the original will just relegate you to the infamous EHRISguy "list".

What is the "list"? I'll leave that for another blog (or perhaps for your imagination?)