Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy New Year

Yeah, well, it is halfway through the month already, but it's the first post of the year for me.

It's performance evaluation time woohoo!!! Not only do I get to do my self-eval, I get to vet the supervisor evals for statements like:

"She's young yet, so she'll get better with time" (I didnt know we had a wine cellar!)

"Fred is a very concientious (sic) employee and works off the clock all the time!" Hello wage and hour audit!

Why is the EHRIS guy reading evals? Well, since we have a web based performance eval system*, management has decided that HRIS "owns" it, but then again, we get involved in compensation, benefit /design analysis and even get hit up to do training (had to decline the training gig---last thing any reasonable person wants is to have EvilHRISguy training anyone---just ask my wife about how much of my training she has to undo with the offspring).

However, it does keep us busy and when the inevitable layoff hits when senior management wants a stock/bonus bump, we'll have a better resume for it. (not to mention the entertaining eval reading)

Well, back to telling my superiors just how great I am. Self praise may stink, but not when it comes to writing your self-eval.

*Some performance eval systems will do some language checking, but ours does not.