Friday, July 25, 2008

It's July already?!

Ah, tropical heat, mosquitoes, and good ol' mid year reviews.

Im really liking survey monkey these days. It has more than paid for itself in quick mid year 360 surveys that department heads want to do because, well, the other department head did one!!

One of the first things we ask is "What are you planning to do with the results?" The response is usually another sound of the summer. "cricket" "cricket"

Most of the supervisors requesting that we adminster a 360 survey about one of their direct reports want it for gossip and juicy comments. (That is until we suggest that one should be done on them by their peer group!)

I just wish our hosted performance management was as easy to use as surveymonkey. It used to be one of the best places to deal with--call them up with a request and they responded fast and accurate. Then they were bought out. Then they outsourced their support to India. Now when we call our support rep we get a soft talker whose command of the English language is not exactly impressive. I never know if our issue is going to be solved or Ive just agreed to wear a puffy shirt.

I wouldn't look too good in a puffy shirt.