Friday, June 13, 2008

Adding a data field to the end of an existing interface file

1. Competent in-house programmer - 30 min $50.00

2. Outsourced hosting center - 6 weeks; $3,500

3. The look on Sr Management's face when they see their "outsourced savings" - Priceless


Aaron@Effortless HR Blog said...

So true.. The overseas php/whatever outsourcing companies are incredibly slow and many are very sloppy in their work. oDesk is a good place to look if someone really needs a competent programmer who will get the job done right, without having to hire someone on as an employee or contractor.

Evil HRISguy said...

Actually, the situation I am referring to isn't overseas--its a good ol' US hosting service that controls access to the development side.

Give me an in-house programmer or contractor you have a relationship with any day over any outsourced solution.